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Today’s marketers and SME owners seek more control over their digital marketing assets. This control will increase as marketing budgets contract and pressures to increase digital customer traffic and interaction become the responsibility of smaller, more focused marketing teams.

At Lean digital, we’ve listened closely to the needs of our clients and ensure we design and build robust websites that are developed around the businesses requirements of our Clients, the majority of them are controlled by our digital marketing platform, the Digital Marketing Toolkit (DMTK).

The DMTK is more than a CMS, it’s a Digital Marketing Platform environment that’s designed to grow and flex with the requirements of today’s marketer or business owner, and importantly places the user in control of their digital marketing environment. Its components include:

  • Web Content Management (WCM)
  • Marketing Automation (MA)
  • Analytics

By placing our Clients in control of their WCM, they no longer need to call us to schedule changes to their content, they simply log-in and do it themselves, saving time and eliminating the traditional agency costs associated with carrying out these changes. Not only this, but the DMTK also opens up the arena of on line digital marketing automation.

Fusing a professionally built website that’s been designed around the businesses objectives with Client controlled marketing tools results in a new breed of ‘killer website’ that Lean Digital Health have pioneered through collaboration with their clients and the development of the Digital Marketing Toolkit.

The websites we produce can be created with many modules and widgets (most as standard) that can be added to create a powerful website that works actively for the business, whist allowing the business owner to monitor the user journey from the page they land on, to where they went next and the device they used to visit the site. These journeys can be pre set to run automatically in background delivering highly targeted results for the user.


To find out how Lean and the Digital Marketing Toolkit can put you back control of your assets and digital marketing, please contact us – it cost nothing to talk.




July 2013

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