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An estimated 1.82 Billion Smartphone’s by the end of 2013 – is this a statistic you can afford to ignore?
From social interactions to making payments, consumers are moving more and more to the mobile space. As they do, they expect companies to be both mobile-capable and well integrated into the mobile landscape.

If you’re in the business of building brands or promoting products, you can’t ignore the fact that it’s predicted that by 2014 mobile search and browsing will overtake desktop browsing for the first time. So what if you’re site or your Client’s site isn’t ready for this explosion.

Responsive website design can help
Responsive web design is an approach that crafts a websites to provide an optimal viewing experience across the broadest rage of devices – from desktops through to smart phones.

Take a test drive...
This site is already fully responsive, so if you're viewing from a tablet or a Smartphone, you're already seeing the responsive theme in action... However, if you're viewing this site on a desktop computer, you can test-drive our 'responsive simulation' by using the buttons at the top of this page. Start by pressing Tablet or Mobile to see how a responsive design works when viewed from one of these devices.

Want to see more?
Use the SHARE icon on this page to send a link to your mobile device so you can see the website in it's natural responsive state... OR you can simply visit any other page on this site and simply re-size your browser window to see what happens.

This is responsive design in action, if you're site isn't ready, or if you're thinking of building a new site for yourself or a Client, it really should be 'responsive by design.'

Want to find out more?
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July 2013

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web-design, Illustration

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Lean Digital Health – Toolkit CMS

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